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sreda, 16 mart 2016

The Croatian Chamber of Architects holds an international conference on the Implementation of Building Information Modeling


The Croatian Chamber of Architects holds an international conference on the Implementation of Building Information Modeling 

The Conference, which will take place on Saturday 14 May in Zagreb, will host international experts like prof. Arto Kiviniemi from the University of Liverpool and architect Christoph Eichler from Vienna, who is one of the authors of the Austrian BIM standards, as well as of Croatian architectural offices who will present projects that were created using BIM technology:

- Marko Dabrović and Krunoslav Szorsen, 3LHD Ltd.

- Nikola Miletic and Nikica Tabain, Kap4 Ltd.

- Vedran Jukic, Soda arhitekti Ltd.

The ultimate goal of the Conference is the creation of an interdisciplinary Croatian BIM standards, as well as strengthening the competencies of all stakeholders in the construction sector in Croatia according to European and international practices.“

Architects’ Chamber in Romania (OAR) participation in national programmes and international conferences

At the beginning of 2016, the Architects’ Chamber in Romania (OAR) became a strategic partner of 2 Romanian architecture programmes with international relevance, and another 2 professional conferences with international participation:

1. East Centric Arch – Bucharest Architecture Triennale, a complex event dedicated to Central and South-east European countries, already with Open Call for Projects – Drifting Architecture Thematic Exhibition.

2. De-a Arhitectura association aimed at developing and promoting architecture and built environment education. The programme was certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education and became an optional class for children all over Romania. OAR proudly supports the programme - details

3. Building Education Forum, March the 3rd, 2016 – details 

4. GIS, Architecture Expo-conference, March 22 - 23, 2016 – details


13th Spanish Biennal of Architecture and Urbanism

The Jury members of the 13th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism met on the 11-12 February in Madrid. They examined the 449 proposals submitted and selected 22 to receive awards. The Jury members considered very positively the different ways those proposals act on heritage, the city and the landscape, providing innovative and qualified solutions and improving the urban and landscaping surroundings in which they are located. The proposals are in line with the issues raised and the resources available and have the capacity to become the benchmark of a context and the testimony of their time.

More information

Updates on 2015/2016 activities of the Czech Chamber of Architects (CCA)

From the beginning of the year 2015 CCA has been mandated with consultations for laws, legal adjustments and regulations concerning the architectural  profession and commented on the amendment of The Building Act and other legislation in the field of public procurement and the protection of national heritage. In the same year,  CCA worked on a manual for public procurement ordered by the Ministry of Regional Development, creating a Programme that helps to calculate the fees for the preparation of projects and can detect dangerously low tender prices, which cannot provide the expected quality. 

CCA is involved in the promotion of architecture to general public, and therefore organises number of professional events. At the beginning of 2016 the CCA announced the  first annual Czech Architecture Award (CAA), a competition displaying quality architectural works. A prestigious international jury will award the best works in November 2016.

More information about Czech Chamber of Architects

Infringement procedure against Germany regarding to the German fee scale regulation and its minimum and maximum tariffs for architects and engineers

On 25 February, the European Commission announced an the infringement procedure against Germany regarding the fee scales for architects and engineers/Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure (HOAI).

The Commission sent a so-called reasoned opinion to the German government and thereby opened the second phase of the infringement procedure. The Commission is of the opinion that the German regulations are not compliant with the Services Directive. Article 15 of the Services Directive lists a series of requirements imposed on service providers among which mandatory tariffs have to be assessed and can only be maintained in so far as they are non-discriminatory, justified by an overriding reason relating to the public interest and proportionate, i.e. no less restrictive measure could be used. The Commission considers that fee scales create obstacles to the single market in services despite the exchange of positions with the German federal government since June 2015.

The German government now has two months to reply to the Commission. If there is no reply or the Commission is not satisfied with the measures taken by the member state, the Commission may ask the European Court of Justice to open a litigation procedure.

The Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK) is in close contact with the federal competent ministry in this procedure to put forward arguments to defend the HOAI which is, for architects in other member states, a model and an example of a very well functioning and balanced system.

On-going process of regulating the Architectural Profession in Serbia

Through the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the Republic of Serbia and the European Union, Serbia has committed itself, during  the pre-accession period to the European Union to adopt a set of regulations as the beginning of a gradual harmonisation of national legislation with EU regulations. One such regulation is the Law on regulated professions and recognition of professional qualifications, which, according to the EU Directive will prescribe, among other things,  minimum conditions of training for access to and exercise of the profession of architect.

Although part of the official classification of activities the architectural profession in Serbia is not carried out under the professional title "architect", but it is a part of a licensing system of engineers, according to the regulation governing this area, and the 2003 Law on Planning and construction. In this way it is possible that other professions can perform some of the tasks of the architectural profession, while architects are denied the opportunity to work independently, in the manner provided for in the Directive and draft Law on regulated professions. Part of the process of regulating the architectural profession is also the establishment of a separate regulatory body responsible for the recognition of professional qualifications for architects, according to the knowledge, skills and competencies. This body, which does not currently exist, would represents the rights and interests of architects and be responsible for the performance and regulation of the  architectural profession. The Law on regulated professions and recognition of professional qualifications, which is in on-going process, is the first step towards the regulation of architectural profession in Serbia.

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Podsećamo Vas da godišnja članarina u Društvu arhitekata Beograda- Udruženju arhitekata Srbije za 2021. godinu iznosi 2.000,00 dinara.

Za arhitekte/penzionere godišnja članarina iznosi 1.000,00 dinara.

Uplatu možete izvršiti na račun:  Vojvođanska banka, a.d.,  broj: 325-9500600062062-07, poziv na broj je 2021, Društvo arhitekata Beograda, Beograd, Kneza Miloša 7a/III

Ukoliko želite da se učlanite, popunjenu pristupnicu možete poslati na e mail : ili popuniti lično pri dolasku u prostorije Udruženja arhitekata Srbije/Društva arhitekata Beograda.

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